Week 2 – First appointment and examinations at hospital

  • Pain None
  • Mood 6/10
  • Energy Usual

I waited a few weeks until i went to the doctor, the swelling was neither growing nor reducing and i felt no pain.

As soon as my doctor saw me, she was not able to determine what it was and send me acute to a ear nose and throat doctor. The doctor could neither determine what caused the swelling and send me acute to the Ear, Nose & Throat department at my nearest Hospital. For each stage i became more worried.

I went with my wife to the Hospital and I was examined by endoscopy, – in the next months a lot more would follow –  the doctors could not determine what caused the swelling, but they did not see any abnormalities and ruled out cancer (which they did until surgery…) -either it was probably a congenital cyst or a lump infection.

A biopsy of the fluid in the lump was taken for examination and I was prescribed antibiotics and told to return next week if nothing had changed. 

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