Week 5 – Time for PET/CT scan

  • Pain                    None
  • Mood                 5/10
  • Energy               Usual

The PET/CT scan in many ways resembles the MR scan, however there are noticable differences:

  • The duration of the scan is much shorter,about 15 minutes
  • The PET/CT scanner is not noisy
  • You are not confined at all sides in the PET/CT scanner

So the scan itself is much more pleasant than the MR scan. The preparation time however before this scanning is much more lengthy, first you must not eat before at the scanning day.

First you will be receive a IV radioactive tracer, and then you need to relax for about 60 minutes, before you will be taken to the scanner.

Before the scan begins, you will be receive IV contrast.

However one word of advice!, the IV contrast is not the same as the one used in the MR scanner. It has a very unpleasant effect, where you will feel your body and head is getting warm from the inside, it is not painful and only last two minutes, but i got quite a nasty surprise, despite the operators had warned me.

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