Week 8 – Recovery from the surgical operation and the mental fact that i am now a cancer patient

  • Pain                    8/10
  • Mood                 3/10
  • Energy               3/10

The surgeon gently waked me up, i felt i just had felt asleep and was quite clear in the head without nausea. I could clearly feel that they had worked in my throat, but the medication softened the pain and it was bearable.

My wife came and i asked what time it was, when she told me it was late afternoon, we both knew that the surgery had not gone according to the pla as the surgery was scheduled to 2 hours.

Shortly after the surgeon came and told me the bad news, the lymph node was infected with cancer which had spread to the corresponding lymph node.

They had taken tissue samples in my mouth, gum, throat in order to locate the source and they found the cancer origin in my left tonsil.

Due to my profile of being quite young, healthy and non-smoking, the surgeon told me that with all probability it was HPV tonsil cancer, which despite being serious, is much less life-threatening than regular tonsil cancer, however, they needed to test the tumor in order to be sure.

It was off course a chock and my nearest family was shaken, i now knew that the surgery was only the beginning of a longer battle, which would last months.

The first week after surgery was quite painful, but not unbearable, i could handle the pain it with Paracetamol, i woke up some nights to spit a little blood out, but ice-cubes were very relieving.

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