Week 9 – Continued recovery from the surgical operation and first appointment for the cancer treatment

  • Pain                    4/10
  • Mood                 5/10
  • Energy               6/10

The second week after surgery was also quite painful, but bearable. I went to my first meeting with the Oncologists at the Hospital, which confirmed that i had HPV tonsil cancer and it was found at a very early stage, so even when cancer sucks , my case was a very light case and survival prognosis were more than 90 pct. if i did the treatment.

Nevertheless they did not hide that i was in for a rough and intensive treatment, it was 6½ weeks, where i had to go to the Hospital 6 days a week to receive the 33 doses of radiation therapy and 5 times chemotherapy.

As the Hospital was quite far from my home, i had to spend 2 hours alone on transportation.

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