Week 10 – Further introduction for the cancer treatment plan and the first radiation therapy treatment

The last meal i would taste regularly , before my first round of Chemotherapy, had to be a good one.
  • Radiation Therapy                     2/33
  • Chemotherapy                           0/5
  • Pain                    2/10
  • Mood                 8/10
  • Energy               8/10
  • Side effects     1/10

Now the fun begins, first i have a schedule at the Hospital for fitting a mask i need to wear during the radiation therapy in order to fix my head during treatment, so the radiation only affects the specified area.

It takes about 15 minutes and is not unpleasant, some sort of warm wax is fitted around your head and then you just need to wait for it to harden.

Secondly i needed one more CT/PET scan in order to specify the location for the accelerator , this scan is shorter than the first one and the contrast fluid is much less unpleasant.

The first radiation therapy works just as promised, i can not feel anything and my taste buds are not affected, yet…., 32 more to go.

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