Week 11 – First week with full radiation therapy treatments and the first dose of Chemotherapy

  • Radiation Therapy                     8/33
  • Chemotherapy(Cisplatin)       1/5
  • Pain                    3/10
  • Mood                 7/10
  • Energy               6/10
  • Side effects     2/10
My first dose of Cisplatin, a new world for me with walking around with this rack, just to go to toilet

The first week with all-inclusive on radiation and chemotherapy, the radiation is working hard to numb my taste buds, but otherwise no noticeable pain.

The first time of Cisplatin is a different manner, i went to the Hospital to get my first dose, it takes about 3 hours from i arrived till i left. Cisplatin is administered through a vein and expect the little sting, i did not feel anything before the next day. I was given a whole lot of medication.

  • Some unknown medication which should alleviate the worst side-effects from Cisplatin the first 3 days.
  • Prednisolone to counter the nausea effects,  Cisplatin has a very bad reputation for.
  • Calcium pills which counter the calcium loss effect Prednisolone has.

The next day i felt the effects of the chemotherapy, i did not feel any nausea, but my first experience happened when bought a durum roll and the meat tasted horrible like metal.

The loss of appetite was not in full effect, but the Cisplatin made most food taste horribly, so i was primarily eating baked potatoes and mashed potatoes from then. I began to realize how large-scale and on how many aspects this treatment would hit me.

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