Week 14 – Even when the moods get better, the cumulative effects of the treatment are hitting hard.

  • Radiation Therapy                     26/33
  • Chemotherapy (Paclitaxel)    4/5
  • Pain                    6/10
  • Mood                 6/10
  • Energy               4/10
  • Side effects     8/10

The effects of the treatment is setting in with full effect. The pain is getting worse, so I am getting morphine both as pills and low dose patch

Morphine has no side effects for me while using it, however it does not remove the pain,but makes it bearable.

My skin at the neck is slowly turning violet and is irritated, I daily use aloe Vera on the skin, but it can only limit the degree of burns.

The phlegm is going from merely being annoying to have a crippling effect, it is impossible to have a longer conversation without spitting every sentence out, telephone conversations I totally avoid.

A few times a day i have to throw up the phlegm, especially when i am doing anything which resembles exercise, like bycicling.

To get to the hospital is a matter of planning what to bring to spit in, when i am going with the train or bus.

The smell of the phlegm is also terrible, especially for myself but also for my nearest family. My youngest daughter does not want me to sit beside her at sleeping time, I do not blame her at all.

I wake up multiple times at night to spit,clean my mouth and sometimes throw up.

I react by isolating myself socially as I am not able to converse, just nodding.

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