Week 15 – Finally last treatment!!

  • Radiation Therapy                     33/33 –              Done
  • Chemotherapy (Paclitaxel)    4/5 –                   Done
  • Pain                    6/10
  • Mood                 7/10
  • Energy               4/10
  • Side effects     9/10

The day i have looked forward to for 2 months finally materialized.

The radiated areas on my neck is quite red/violet, so i will probably get some kind of burn degree. My wife and my kids were all with me for the last accelerator treatment and the personel were so kind to show my youngest one how it all worked, in order to demystify the treatment.

After my last treatment, my beloved wife had arranged a surprise for me! – a lot of friends and family had came to the Hospital in order to celebrate i have finished treatment, they brought cake and champagne, i was thinking about being social and have a drink with them trough the tube 🙂

It was very nice and good to see them all, afterwards i went home and directly fell asleep in a good mood, even though i know that the next 2 weeks could be the worst.

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