Week 17 – Second week after treatment

  • Weeks after treatment            2
  • Pain                    2/10
  • Mood                 4/10
  • Energy               3/10
  • Side effects     8/10

The pain is now on a level where i do not need morphine anymore, the doctors told me three times, that i needed to scale down on the morphine before i should stop using it. I did for reasons unknown to myself not listen and did a full stop…- the result was 4 sleepless nights, so do as the doctors tell you to!

The mood is again taking a dive, the pain in the neck and throat is reduced but the phlegm continues to be bothersome and the tube seems to irritate my throat even more. I am very sick of being sick, my possibilities for doing anything is severely restricted and it is very difficult to not know whether i will be hit with a lot of late effects.

I am in a very self-pity mode, my family went to visit relatives for a few days which was very good as i was not able enjoy their company and they can not do anything to alleviate the side effects.

I watched Deadpool 2 in order to get in a better mood and had a laugh when Deadpool goes into self-pity mode and gets this answer:

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