Week 18 – Breakthrough!

Weeks after treatment            3

  • Pain                    1/10
  • Mood                 8/10
  • Energy               4/10
  • Side effects     4/10

Finally i feel the things are in progress!, the NG tube came suddenly up by itself just before Easter in the end of the week, i am not going into details how… – but it seems my body felt healthy enough to reject the annoying foreign object in my throat. 

I then had the choice on going back to the hospital in order to get a new NG tube or try to drink the needed 6 daily protein through the natural way.

It worked!, the protein drinks are not enjoyable, but diluted with water they go down the throat without much problems. For the first time in a long time, i sleep well at night, within the next days, the phlegm is reduced considerably, the tube had probably also been a partner in crime in generating the phlegm.

It’s just great that whereas the side effects before had a crippling social effect, they are now just annoying, so it has been a big turning point 🙂


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