Week 21 – Still noticeable progress

  • Weeks after treatment            6
  • Pain                    1/10
  • Mood                 8/10
  • Energy               8/10
  • Side effects     2/10

Again not much new to say, the taste buds are still getting better week after week and the dry mouth is still dry mouth. My energy is getting better and food is continually getting easier to eat and the choices are expanding. Even some types of meat can go down now, if followed with plenty of water.

I went to the dentist and there were no visible signs of radiation damage to the teeth, I am now using Colgate Duraphate toothpaste(only available per prescription) with 4 times flour in order to strengthen my teeth as they are more vulnerable without saliva in mouth.

My hair is growing slowly in the back of the head, the hair at my neck is still pretty dead.

My next update will be when i have my 5 week examination, where i will be examined to see whether everything is ok.

Week 20 – Everything keeps getting better

  • Weeks after treatment            5
  • Pain                    1/10
  • Mood                 8/10
  • Energy               7/10
  • Side effects     3/10

Not much new to say, the taste buds are getting better week after week, the dry mouth is still dry mouth, it is not totally dry, but in the morning i need a lot of water.

My food intake expands on a weekly basis and i have ditched the protein drinks, now i am able to eat soup, fried eggs, fish with sauce , yogurt etc.

It is still not very pleasant to eat, but it gets down.

Burger, pizza, sushi and anything spicy is far out of reach due to the dryness.