5 week milestone medical examination – progress continues but on a smaller scale

  • Weeks after treatment            7
  • Pain                    None
  • Mood                 7/10
  • Energy               8/10
  • Side effects     2/10

Hi, things are still improving but on a smaller scale, non-moist food is still not possible for me to eat and the dry mouth is still very present, but in generel only annoying when i eat and in the morning.

My weight has been reduced a little further due to lack of appetite and smaller potions, but nothing alarming. 

I do a lot a more active things now, but my body and mind is then also punishing me for doing so, so i am still much more tired than before the cancer experience. 

I am also back at work, but on a reduced scale. I have a weekly day off and 2 days i work from my home still for full wage which will continue until august, so i am very grateful that my workplace have been so supportive.

In other words, my world has become quite normal again with me back to work, doing fitness and attending social/children activities. 

Mostly i do not think a lot about how much i have gone through, but at eating time or after physical activity i get a clear reminder that everything is still not as before cancer..

My ability of overview in planning has been reduced probably due to my tiredness, so if there is a lot of arrangements in the upcoming days it can seem un-manageable for me and i lose the overview.

But good news! – i  went to the 5 week examination at the Hospital, it went very fine, the wounds had healed fine and there was nothing unusual to see.

The doctors used camera in the throat and their fingers (with gloves on) to check the mouth and throat, it was not as unpleasant as it sounds and was very quick.

I told them that about my frustrations that the progress was less noticeable and they told me it was very normal and the dry mouth and taste buds will take time before they hopefully work almost normally again.

The next examination will first take place in 4 months and there is no need for any CT scan, my travel insurance has also cleared me for vacation this summer so on a technical level i am declared healthy!