3 months since treatment ended – and enjoying the summer vacation.

I just came back for a 14 days vacation in Albania, which was really nice. We traveled around the country and did a lot of hiking, besides bathing, watching pretty monuments and eating great food.

I was quite unsure how i would handle the vacation, would i be tired all the time?, would i be able to eat the local food?- but everything worked out much better than expected. While my physical condition in terms of running is still not very good, the hiking in Albania went without any problems despite heat and uneven surface.

My tastebuds are now very much back to almost normal, it is very difficult for me to identify whether the taste still has been reduced a little compared to before, but everything tastes almost as it should.

The challenge with dry food is also much better, even pizza with a lot of fill on goes down without any problems, but i still need water to support the swallowing.

Chocolate and dry bread is still not so pleasant, but compared to just one month ago, i do not sense in the same way that something is not right.

I tried wine, it is manageable , but the alcohol is burning the throat, which is not very pleasant, beer is much better.

I had a sore throat during the vacation, which is not nice feeling, when you recently had the throat ares blasted with radiation. All my sensors worked overtime and I worried a little whether it was getting back, but everything went within a few days back to normal.

My next check is in September, i will write a status , but everything is going very fine and i feel now like my life can return to normal.

Week 20 – Everything keeps getting better

  • Weeks after treatment            5
  • Pain                    1/10
  • Mood                 8/10
  • Energy               7/10
  • Side effects     3/10

Not much new to say, the taste buds are getting better week after week, the dry mouth is still dry mouth, it is not totally dry, but in the morning i need a lot of water.

My food intake expands on a weekly basis and i have ditched the protein drinks, now i am able to eat soup, fried eggs, fish with sauce , yogurt etc.

It is still not very pleasant to eat, but it gets down.

Burger, pizza, sushi and anything spicy is far out of reach due to the dryness.