6 month check after treatment

6 months after treatment! – I feel better than ever, the side effects are now at a level where i hardly feel them.

I went today to the hospital for the 6 month check – as stated earlier, due to my good prognosis i do not need PET/CT scan and the check was only visual, where the doctor checked and felt at my throat from the outside and my good old friend, the camera down the throat, – it is not that unpleasant 🙂

The good besides there is no recurrence:

Dry mouth is now barely present and not noticeable during the day, only a little in the morning.

The taste-buds are also much better, the number of foods which do not taste like before is continuously narrowing down, not at the speed i want, but nevertheless progressing.

The affected area in the mouth still have a tendency to sometimes get a little irritated, especially after eating spicy food, but still a mass improvement compared to July 2019. I can drink liqueur and beer, wine is also doable but the taste is not nice to the acidic contents.

The energy is now fully back to the same level before and i do fitness, running and cycling if not even better than before due to loss of weight.

The weight is also slowly back on track, so i will keep an eye on it as i do not want to forfeit the only positive outcome of the cancer – the weightloss.

The bad or the status quo remains from the treatment.

Not much bad can be written, but some of the mental scars of the cancer chapter is still present and will probably at some scale be for the rest of the life. Irregular pain or normal sickness is still letting my mind to a degree wonder, whether all cancer has been removed.

Cancer is characterized by being able to create metastases, so even though that HPV cancer is very seldom creating distant metastases , it will at some degree, stay in my mind.

Mindfulness meditation courses has helped me a lot, in order to control and limit the degree of alarms my sensors are sending out.

I still feel different in the side of the throat which was the primary target of the radiation and sometimes i have tensions which strike from the former wound to the ear, but they are also less and less.

So everything is going very well, my mood is much better and my energy as well 🙂


Welcome to my blog, I assume the reason you have found my blog, is either because

  • You are or have been a HPV tonsil cancer patient or
  • You know someone who has been affected.

I created this blog for use as a tool and source, to those who is affected by this particular cancer.

Be warned that my blog is descriptive and not very personal as the focus for me is giving you a knowledge of the treatment and my best advices for getting through it.

Furthermore,my blog its quite upright , – going through the treatment of HPV tonsil cancer is very tough, both physically and mentally and I do not hide it in my diary.

If you want to look at a more personalized blog i can heartily recommend the Jason Mendelsohn who has created the SupermanHPV homepage, which i found of good use during my treatment, furthermore Jason is a very friendly and helpful guy and will answer your questions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: info@hpvtonsilcancerblog.com


I am mid forties male living in Denmark, i am married and father to three children, who has never been seriously sick and despite some extra kilos, on a regular basis does fitness.