The potential late effects

As you are starting treatment,  your doctors will probably mention the potential of late effects after treatment, which can have a permanent character.  I certainly feared this, especially because it is a unknown factor ,  only the time after treatment can show  whether some things will permanently change.

The possible late effects are primarily

  • Permanently or reduced saliva production which results in dry mouth
  • Permanently reduced taste
  • Dental problems
  • Jaw stiffness
  • Difficulties in swallowing

These potential late effects stems primarily from radiation, the effects from Cisplatin are described here.

I read some experiences in cancerforums and my mood became miserable, when I read that quite few cases had a lot of late effects and did not recover very well.

As I presently has been very little affected with late effects and my recovery has been very quick I am off course relieved, but I curse myself that I read these cases, because it affected my mood at that time badly.

Remember that there is not one HPV case which is similar and what other has experienced of miseries will not at all by default be your destiny.

If you as me visit cancerforums for reading similar experiences for HPV tonsil cancer, furthermore remember, that the many people who fared well without late effects and moved on, does not have the same urgency to describe their treatment. Whereas patients with severe late effects are naturally more active at cancerforums.

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